Day in the Life Settlement Videos

At Truly Moving Stories, our goal is to produce compelling video portraits of individuals, families and organizations who are making a difference in the world.  To tell their story, we combine in-depth interviews with striking visuals, edited to moving music, to convey the essence of their story.  You can view our work at…

When attorney William Dickerman approached us to create a Day in the Life settlement video about the egregious neglect their disabled client had been experiencing for over 3 years and whose case had been in litigation for some time, the task was clear:  apply the skills of a master storyteller to a situation of injustice, to graphically illustrate a wrong that needed a remedy.  The result?  The same techniques that have encouraged donors to give generously to video campaigns we’ve produced or families meaningful family legacies on video also persuaded the defendants in this case to award a very large sum of money...$775,000.

Please view an excerpt, below...

The client was very satisfied and wrote this testimonial...

Dear Reuven,


I want to thank you, on my clients’ behalf, for creating the very effective “day in the life” video for the settlement conference of our lawsuit, which resulted soon after in a high six-figure settlement. I had suspected that the facts of the case alone were compelling enough to warrant a good settlement, but the video made the job of persuasion much easier. As soon as I sensed the keen concentration of the judge and the several opposing parties (plus insurance adjustor) while watching the video, I knew they “got” the seriousness of the situation where they had previously been oblivious. Thanks to your efforts, my clients got a very favorable settlement and were able to avoid the risk and uncertainty of a trial. I don’t doubt that the opposition knew that the affecting video could lead to a substantially greater jury verdict.


I was especially impressed with your careful balance of factual exposition and evocation of sympathy. The subtle use of music, voiceovers, subtitles, and other devices gave the video an acutely professional look and feel. The judge said it all when she reacted with, “I’ll never forget it.” She made unusually strenuous efforts to resolve the case after that.


Finally, I appreciate your willingness to collaborate to obtain the best possible product. I look forward to engaging you in future cases and will unhesitatingly refer other attorneys and clients to you.


Sincerely yours,


William Dickerman, Esq.

Dickerman & Associates